10 years mark

As I checked the mailbox this afternoon, I found a small package contained a small pin to mark my 10 year anniversary being an accountant. How time flies! It has been quite a ride, however if I have not chosen this profession I would not be able to find a passion that help me escape from repetitious work cycle an accountant usually have.

So,  to contain my excitement  I have decided to BAKE.  There are few pending projects I haven’t got hand into therefore deciding what to make/bake was not too hard. Black Sesame was on top of the list.

The recipe choice was the one in Not Quite A Nigella’s website. Honestly, I have not had any good luck in making chiffon, either the batter was over or under mixed. So, trying out this recipe for my “short notice” celebration was kind off nerve wrecking. But the recipe was very clear and I tried to stay focus. I am very happy when it turned out beautiful and taste amazing!

If you interested in the recipe, please go over to Not Quite A Nigella’s website check out her webpage  🙂

Everything tastes better when you share it with someone. So, a few lucky friends will be joining me to taste my “happiness” cake and celebrate my 10 year mark tomorrow. If you decide to make this fabulous cake, who would you be sharing this amazing cake with?




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