Summer 2016

This summer holiday seems like forever since I cannot fully function in the heat (hence no updates on my blog for a while). Though the body wants to hibernate, but one mind cannot deny when it starts overflow creative ideas to make not only beautiful desserts but also soul satisfying meals for friends and family that ai need to start to “occupy” my kitchen more. 

So last night, while waiting for little one to sleep and summer breeze to fill our unit space, I began to scribble plans what I should make in the almost ending January. It would need to be conflict free with my full time employee. 

I baked this cookies and cream cake to mark the “back to baking life” moment and also because my niece wanted it. I had the cookies and cream cake layered with chocolate cake (just because :)) and oreos buttercream. 

After having this massive slice of cake , I was on cloud nine and felt the positive energy as if I can beat the anything -even summer heat (lets hope it was not the sugar rush, lol) 😁.

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