A new start

Yay! Finally made it here!!!It has been awhile I post something here. We went through a big adjustment as we are growing our family with another baby. Looking back I thought I could do it all when I found out the two lines on the pregnancy stick. But I was wrong! Luckily I didn’t have the bad morning sickness, I just hated eggs for the first few months! Can you image?! How can I bake if I felt sick just looking at them ? So towards the end I had to put some of my priorities to rest as the tiredness and mood swings were growing each day. I still cooked and did some baking though but not as much. I did these as my stress relief therapy and most importantly we still need to eat, lol!

My patience was getting thinner towards the end but happier when we finally met our new baby boy on 25th September that we named Benedict Sinarthrya Afandi-Wibowo or Ben in short. Nothing fancy about his birth story as we opted to have an elective cesarean ( yes, I can hear why, more to that later).

We have been adapting quite well until now but only because of Ama’s help, my husband’s patience, Eugene’s understanding and Ben’s cooperation.

Now Ben is here and growing really well, there was other things which blossoming and “screaming” to get out. Those were ideas, passion and priorities which were put asleep for the past 1.5 years. So here I am, typing away, sharing the stories inside our kitchen and our journey together as a family of four which I hope enjoyable and inspiring for anyone who read this blog.

The website will be going through few changes/upgrade overtime but in the meantime let me introduce you to our little family (I will need work on my wefie skills lol) 😊

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